Green Initiatives

Eco-certified Central Coast NSW nature retreat

As a business enveloped by nature, we can’t help but appreciate the beauty and wonder of our natural environment and strive to conserve Noonaweena’s unique ecosystems. Our commitment to sustainable practices at Noonaweena helps minimise unnecessary spoliation of the world around us. Simple acts like buying local, organic products and being energy savvy go a long way to minimise the impact we have on our environment.

Noonaweena is Ecotourism certified by Ecotourism Australia, the national body for Australia’s eco-tourism industry. We share their vision for environmentally-sustainable and culturally-responsible tourism.

These are some of the ecologically sustainable products and systems that we utilise at Noonaweena:

Local & organic produce

Where possible, we buy local and organic produce, reducing the miles in which the food would have had to travel to a chain store, and supporting local growers and their sustainable farming in the process.

Solar Power

Extensive solar panels have been installed to significantly reduce our energy consumption and CO2 emissions and power part of the facility.

Our Bees

We are passionate about bee keeping as a demonstration of our commitment to sustainability, considering approximately a third of all of the human food is dependent upon bees pollinating crops. Our Noona Raw Honey is available for purchase from reception.

Solar hot water and heated spa solutions

We have a solar setup for our hot water systems so that gas is only used when necessary. We also use fuel-efficient heat pumps for the outdoor spas, with thermal covers to reduce energy.

Rain tanks and water

Noonaweena is self-sufficient with a natural water supply delivered from several rain catchment including a natural spring and water tanks, and a bore water system.


We compost our green waste onsite and return it to the surrounding gardens as nutritious mulch, as well as providing scraps for our chickens. In turn, our chickens provide our guests with fresh eggs.


This is another simple initiative that we have rolled out to all lodges, recycling bins.  It is a great way to give our plastic bottles, cardboard and aluminium cans a chance to become something else. If you would like more information on minimising waste, recycling and composting, click here.

Envirocycle septic system

This septic system recycles domestic wastewater from the bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry of Noonaweena. It is treated (a natural process) in an underground tank to a purity approved by relevant health authorities. Grey water from the septic system is reused on ornamental gardens.

Heritage Awareness

Our name, 'Noonaweena,' is an acknowledgement of the traditional custodians of the land who were here before us. This translates to 'resting place in the bush,' an apt description of this part of the Darkinjung Aboriginal country. As we look out at the great Blue Mountain heritage area, we are reminded of the spiritual sense of place, an experience we like to pass on to our guests.

Noonaweena is Eco-certified

Noonaweena’s sustainable efforts have been recognised with Ecotourism Certification by Ecotourism Australia, the national body for Australia’s ecotourism industry. We have also achieved Platinum Green Leader status with Trip Advisor during 2017. We share their vision for environmentally sustainable and culturally-responsible tourism.